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VOL. 3—Q1 2023


The removal of third-party cookies from Safari and Firefox browsers has transformed the way the programmatic advertising world works. Advertisers are increasingly testing how to buy programmatically outside of third-party cookies; helping them access overlooked audiences on Safari and Firefox.


33Across analyzed programmatic transactions on its exchange during Q1 2023 in the 33Across Programmatic Cookie Alternative Trends Report. The report breaks down cookied vs. cookie alternative performance across the following 10 industries: Pharmacy/OTC, Auto, Travel, Finance, Telecom, Tech, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Insurance, and Retail.


Specifically, this report highlights:

  • Which advertising vertical purchased the most cookie alternative inventory

  • What the share of programmatic buying for each advertising vertical is by cookie-state

  • Cookie alternative CPMs vs. cookied CPMs for advertising verticals

  • Which content categories monetized the most cookie alternative supply

  • And much more