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VOL. 6—Q4 2023


The 33Across Programmatic Cookie Alternative1 Trends Report identifies emerging buy-side and sell-side programmatic cookieless trends that took place during Q4 2023. Discover the impact on advertising budgets from the largest programmatic buyers as they move to cookieless environments to take advantage of this emerging marketplace before Google removes third-party cookies in 2024. 


This report breaks down cookied vs. cookie alternative performance across the following 10 industries: Pharmacy/OTC, Auto, Travel, Finance, Telecom, Tech, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Insurance, and Retail. 


Specifically, this report highlights:

  • Which advertising vertical purchased the most cookie alternative inventory?

  • What the share of programmatic buying for each advertising vertical is by cookie-state and how is it trending?

  • Which content categories monetized the most cookie alternative supply?

  • And much more

1 Cookie alternative refers to identifiers exclusive of third-party cookies